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  1. HaouJudai6 6d 23h ago

    True alot of orders for new sets/products so i'm busy for awhile.

  2. HaouJudai6 1wk 1d ago

    Thanks just well it's fun working in cardshops

  3. HaouJudai6 1wk 6d ago

    True even thought i'm in school I'm establishing connections with new business that might hire me when I graduate in 2019. The taco bell cantia was great the owners let me & my friends go to the front because of my suit.

  4. HaouJudai6 2wk 0d ago

    Ahh same here man

  5. HaouJudai6 2wk 1d ago

    How's work man?

  6. myri-chan 3wk 4d ago

    Quote by DarkGeneralUnizaki

    a happy be-lated nightmare night to thy queen of night. the moon don't burn like the the horrid sun does but hank thee for being concerned. And yescWE got lots of candy on this night of delight.

    We are glad thou hadeth a wonderful nightmare night General,we giveth ye lotions because they are useful, especially if thou art battling against our sister's armies! thou knowest that they emit cancerous solar radiations..we must return to ye headquarters may ye lunar force stay with thee always *vanishes*

  7. myri-chan 4wk 5d ago


    Greetings general Derpy Hooves ^^ as thou knowest tonight is ye most important night for us lunar ponies,'tis why we wishest thee ye most marvelous and terrifying nightmare night ever! may thou enjoyest this glorious feast and those exquisite candies without being interrupted by our sister attacks.
    and may ye lunar force be with thee always General! we must leavest now..oh yes! we almost forgoteth.. take these lotions with thee ..just in case ;3


  8. agent-Achika 21wk 6d ago

    GM Unizaki!
    -How have you been?
    -Big plans of the 4th tomorrow?
    -Ready for Fall season?
    -Saw any new 2016 movies?
    -Done any recent traveling?

  9. moritz 26wk 4d ago

    Thanks for faving ^_^

  10. HaouJudai6 31wk 1d ago

    Quote by DarkGeneralUnizaki

    Quote by HaouJudai6

    Quote by DarkGeneralUnizaki good to see you haou

    Thanks Unizaki same to you,and what's new with you?

    i turn 26 in a week, i have a job in IT, so life's been treating me well.

    Very nice you're older than me i turn 26 in july.

  11. HaouJudai6 31wk 3d ago

    Quote by DarkGeneralUnizaki good to see you haou

    Thanks Unizaki same to you,and what's new with you?

  12. Masterchief80 43wk 1d ago

    Thanks DarkGeneralUnizaki for your favs on my Senran Kagura scans.

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